Stiff Neck and Moist Heat

Day 3 to 40

“Apply moist heat,” says my ortho surgeon referring to my stiff neck. I’ve struggled with neck pain and lack of motion for about the last year.

After many tests and now, finally, results, the doctors determine no surgery is needed but physical therapy and moist heat need to be applied to deal with the stiff muscles in the neck.

Think of how heat softens muscles and allows things to be loosened up in order to facilitate full usage of the neck. And to alleviate pain.

How many stiff muscles do we have in our lives? How many areas should we be paying specific attention to and applying heat? If we did, would those areas loosen up and allow for full function? Many of us walk around and live with stiff areas in our lives and don’t apply the necessary pressure or heat to restore that area to its full potential.

Let the heat work.

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