Memorial Days of Our Lives

Day 11

All weekend we have been celebrating Memorial Day….or the days leading up to the day. Family time, time off of work, BBQs, fishing and whatever else comes up. Moments of silence.

There really isn’t a good way to remember or actually memorialize the sacrifice that has been paid for us. Or is there? I think we all try to in our own ways. At least I try to believe that most people are aware of and try to pay respect to the ones that have paid for the freedoms we all live in and argue over daily.

Since the debt cannot be repaid, we try to honor by just living our best lives. And that in and of itself becomes the memorial. Enjoy each moment on purpose, live with no regrets, love unconditionally and pioneer a new path. By doing this, we honor those that have paid the price–we can then feel we are truly experiencing memorial days.

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