Behind the Counter

Day 26

Eleven days with a headache and cough. It was this morning that I realized things weren’t normal and not progressing as a normal cold. After some expert medical googling, I came to the conclusion of the likely diagnosis of a sinus infection.

Cue urgent care and antibiotics. Mucinex and Tylenol extreme sinus. All these meds. Nothing seemed to deal with the face pain.

At work, a colleague mentioned he swears by Advil, Cold and Sinus. He further reiterated I had to get the one from “behind the counter.” I was let in on the secret knowledge of this whole other caliber of meds available behind the counter. Despite the $30 just spent on meds, there was another level of relief available that I had no idea about. After a 10 minute drive, and another $16, I was on my way to a new level of pain relief. That worked!

That got me to thinking, how often in life we settle for what is on the shelf. Never 1) knowing another level of resolution or relief is available and/or 2) inquiring about the possibility or 3) believing there is something else that can be done.

We become adjusted to our pain and stop searching for relief or higher solutions. When I was speaking to my colleague, I had, basically, succumbed to the notion I would be in pain all day at work since the other meds weren’t doing their job. I had decided that what I was battling had the right to exist at the level it was manifesting.

There it is. It did not have the right to take up any more space than it already was. But I had to inquire about possible options, be open to other solutions, believe something else was available and, finally be willing to seek it out.

We must be on the look out to expect solutions and pain relief that come from a higher source, another level. Be sure to always check “Behind the Counter.”

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