Today….It’s ME!

Day 27 -Day 29

Before flying was as common as it is now, when we would pass the airport, my mom would say, “Look. Today, someone is flying somewhere on a vacation or to visit someone. How exciting!”  Sadly, it was never us. We didn’t fly for the first time until in our twenties.

Nevertheless, it stuck with me. Now, whenever I’m driving down the street and happen to notice an aircraft above, I always smile, thinking “today, someone is flying somewhere….”

The invite came in last week. Pretty much like many military invites. This would be for our Colonel’s retirement. I was invited with my current legal office on Fort Meade, with Army Cyber, to ride in a Black Hawk Helicopter over the DC area! A once in a lifetime opportunity. And for me, now a civilian!

Although, being in the military, you get to do other cool things, and even get to ride in many different aircraft –not ride in this one and OVER the DC area. Most of which is a “no-fly zone.” THIS would be epic.

My first thought was one of fear. Fear of the sinus infection I was experiencing and how my head would explode from the elevation. I should play it safe. I don’t want to aggravate this condition I find myself in. So I bowed out. Declined the invite. So many reasons to NOT attend. Pain, fear, just plain laziness.


The next day, which happened to be yesterday, it occurred to me –through the lovely ministry of the Holy Spirit, who is my guide to truth…..and who also happens to kick my tail when needed–that this “infection” was taking up too much space. Too much space in my conversation, too much space in my day, and now was dictating whether I would have once in a lifetime opportunities. NO MORE. I reached back out to my boss and indicated that barring some drastic change in my symptoms, I would be present and accounted for- for this experience!


TODAY was the day. The day I would face every fear. The day  I would face whatever pain awaited me when I woke up. The day I would be present. Present for every part of this trip. And I was.

It was glorious! Not just the view, not just the company, not just the access, but the version of me that woke up for this trip! Not afraid. Even the butterflies present– came in peace 🙂


I conquered the voices inside my head. I silenced the fear.

It didn’t mean that they wasn’t still there in some deep pocket.

It meant they didn’t have a vote. Didn’t get a say.

Didn’t get to determine how I would live my life.


I was getting on this chopper.

I was sitting less than 2 feet from the edge of a wide open door.

I was etching away visual memories that I would forever recall.

I was painting the canvas of my creativity with images few have ever seen.

I was being introduced to another version of myself.

I was beginning another one of my lives.

I was flying over monuments, the White House, waterfalls, and bridges.

I was flying over expressways with little girls, in cars, looking up, in awe.

And today….IT’S ME!!!!!!

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