Muscle Memory

Day 31 and Day 32

Sitting in the ER, the ultimate destination for a Father’s Day, Jiornee holds the heating pad against the left side of her neck.

An hour earlier, she woke up complaining of not being able to move her neck. Then her arm going numb. After some probing she revealed her newfound skill of front flipping without her hands. Apparently, during one her attempts, she may have landed the wrong way, the day before.

Interesting how the night before she was fine and even early this morning, fine. It wasn’t until a little after she woke up did her muscles remind her of the activities from the day before.

How many times have we woken up and have been instantly reminded of our activities from previous days? It’s funny, just yesterday, I woke up with sore thighs and totally forgot any work I had done over the last couple days.

Our brains and emotions tend to forget, sometimes instantly, about things that happen to our bodies or things we do to our bodies. But our muscles were created to remember. They remind us of the struggle, work, and the pain. Remind us why we do what we do. Remind us of our muscles stretched and built.

And, sometimes, remind us of our flops on our head.

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