Step Praise

Day 4

Have you ever been so wrapped up in the destination that you forget to notice the way in which you got there? Went right up the steps on your way to the stage and paid no attention to the steps as you climbed over them?

Interesting is that for most of our lives, we are on the steps of the journey –and not at the destination or on the stage. Most of us spend the majority of our lives in the middle , in the process, on the steps and NOT actually at the destination.

The majority of our time is spent in this middle period, in the process of life. How important is it to be grateful on the steps. To praise God, and emit a spirit of joy as we proceed through the steps of life. I was reminded that this serves a dual purpose.

To give step praise acknowledges how far you’ve already come. How many steps you’ve already climbed. How many times you thought you couldn’t continue or make it to the next level –and you did. How faithful God is in all things. How each step was ordered and part of the bigger purpose and plan for your life. And how if you made it as far as you have, that you will make it to the next step–no matter what.

Step praise is also a tangible demonstration of your faith in the future plan of God for your life. It says, I may not be where I see in my head, or spirit –nevertheless I will praise You because of the vision inside me. Praise on the steps says that I know there is more ahead of me –but I will not just wait or praise only when I arrive on the stage or destination, but I will praise at every junction along the way. My praise on this step, opens the way for the next step and builds my confidence to take on what’s next.

We are all in process, and on different steps –and will always be. It is important to figure out how to act while on each step. The more we learn to give step praise, the more we build operational character qualities to sustain us throughout our journeys. The key is in your praise on each step. Each step will teach us something different, give something, take something, that will ultimately be needed at the next level. Each step, it’s own journey.

Get to steppin!

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