The Spirit Of The Let Go – Day 4

Moving is not the problem, it’s leaving things behind

I feel like if I walk away, these things I’ll never find

It’s starting to become a burden, a fear in its own right

One that wants to keep me up tossing and turning all night

What if I throw away something important, something I’ll need

If I don’t take it with me will I really be able to succeed

It’s not as if they’re very special things, passed down to me

Just things I’m afraid I’ll miss if I look around and I don’t see

And I know it’s all just a lie, just something else to hold me back

Because no matter what I take or don’t take, I really won’t lack

But that doesn’t make it any easier to throw things away

It’s as if I want to leave them here…and maybe I should stay

I know that’s not what I want, that makes absolutely no sense

But it’s that voice in my head that I constantly have to convince

It’s okay, let it go; there are greater things waiting for you ahead

You don’t want, or need these old things, you want newness instead

Shake it off and let it go, turn your eyes away from what you see

Because little voice in my head, there’s better waiting for me

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