Day 5

Over the last month Jay, my husband, has been working on the images for his leg sleeve. One of the primary images is going to be a mural of me. In preparing that image and what we want it to look like, I told him I wanted to be a “warrior, goddess, mermaid 🙂 Like a Hawaiian princess in the water.” This is what I kept telling him about the image I felt best described who I am. He, of course, rolled his eyes and laughed. He laughed until he found a piece of art that matched what I had described. Or pretty close to it. It was a tattoo on a leg too! I just smiled and said, “see…I told you I’m a warrior, goddess of water.”

Fast forward to last week and I started my “40 to 40” journey. Starting on Friday, I started fasting all social media (for me, is just FB) and started a private blog with Cherita to hold each other accountable for developing our writing muscle. This plan also eliminated the contact need for likes, comments, shares, etc. It was to only be about the work itself, the honing of the craft and not about who sees it, who likes it, how to brand it, how to market it, etc, etc. I felt like I become paralyzed, as a creator and writer, by the thousands of voices allowed in my head through SM. The Lord was telling me to “create space” for the higher thoughts and the higher ways. There is no way to ask for more and more, of anything, unless we create space for it.

This brings me to this morning during my meditation/devotion time. I have been working on clearing my mind for 10-15 min a morning. And during this time, I began to see a fairy like image, in a jungle, near and over water in my mind. She was beautiful and this world, in my brain, was amazing. As a opened my eyes, and started to think about her (this woman I saw inside me), the Holy Spirit said this is your writer/creator alter ego. I, immediately, got super excited because 1) you know I got a bunch of alters, and 2) she was amazing…and I wanted to hang out more with her.

Of course, my next thought was “what is her name going to be?” The Holy Spirit said, “look up ‘Hawaiian goddess of the sea.'” As I began to look up Hawaiian goddesses, her purpose was becoming more and more clear to me. Why she was so important for my creative process, why I needed to become more in touch with her, and how she was in constant connection with heaven–even while I may be torn between two worlds, she is the part of me that always exists on that plane. She is continually creating and hears nonstop from heaven and is always ready to create from heaven to earth. She doesn’t have to turn down flesh related issues. While we struggle to “go high”…she lives there.

There she was, “NAMAKA”, the Hawaiian Goddess of the Sea. She was perfect and exactly what I saw this morning, in my mind–right there on Google. As I stared at the picture, the Holy Spirit told me to pull out the prophesy from my friend Yesenia from 2017. In her prophesy to me, she had drawn a picture of a speaker like figure. As I began to search for the picture and prophesy, I began to get more and more excited because I remembered the colors from the picture. Sure enough, the colors and theme matched the picture of Namaka. Her prophesy and description of the picture matches the picture of Namaka. It is almost uncanny how it all lines up.

Not only was Namaka the image I was trying to explain to my husband a couple weeks ago, the image in my prayer time this morning, the image and colors from the prophesy from 2017, she was also everything I see myself as I transition in this season. She represents what I have developed and become over these last 4 decades but more importantly, who I am NOW as a I move into the next 4 decades.

Fire representing power and confidence, water representing the Holy Spirit and grace, the hair, the skin color, the leaves representing life, the crown representing anointing and royalty in my identity. And the billowing of the image as it relates to the influence I have and will have on this earth. The islands have always had more that just a special connection for me…the music, the culture, the vibe, is life to me.

I am very grateful for meeting Namaka, officially, today. However, she reminds me that she had been there all along and now is our time to move forward in the fullness and awareness together.

Welcome to my world —where there is the Holy Spirit, jungles, seas, islands, water goddesses, fire and leafy beings ALL sent to assist me on my journey.

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