Faith For The Little Things – Day 5

Two days ago, I lost a very small pill in my apartment. As I tried to take the pill, it fell out of my mouth (don’t ask how that happened) and hit the floor. Because I heard it hit the floor, I figured it had fallen somewhere near and I could just reach down and pick it up. When I went to retrieve the pill, I didn’t see it anywhere. I got down on my hands and knees and crawled around on the floor. I searched and searched and searched. No pill. I decided not to get upset or frustrated. Instead, I decided to just get another pill and said I would figure it out later.

But then it hit me. Wait a minute. I need to pray about this. Yes, this simple little pill thing. I can pray about this. And what is prayer? It’s just talking to God. So I said,” Lord I need to find this pill. Angels, find this pill for me.” And I went on about my night.

The next day, I carried on with business as usual. While working around my apartment, I was on the lookout for the pill. But still not worrying about it, not stressing about it, just simply keeping my eyes open. And every now and then I would whisper, “I’m going to find that pill.”

This morning, I took a trip out to Romeoville, Illinois to visit my family (where I am right now as I write). I’m sitting at the kitchen table. I’ve been working at this table, on my computer, all day. About an hour ago, I took a break to get dinner. I went to the refrigerator and then to the microwave to heat up leftovers. When I walked back to THIS kitchen table, my pill was sitting right here! YES! The pill that I dropped in my apartment, on the north side of Chicago. Here. On this table. In Romeoville, Illinois.

Yes. I thought I was crazy too. I picked up the pill to inspect it. I couldn’t believe it was the same pill. How in the world?! BUT….GOD! I didn’t wreck my brain trying to figure out how this could have “actually” happened. I just thanked God for an answered prayer.

When you pray. Believe. Even for the small things. Put your faith on something, and watch God work. Take baby steps. Believe for a close parking spot at the mall. Believe to find a dollar on the side of the road. Believe you won’t have to wait two hours at your next appointment. Start to stretch your faith and see how quickly it can grow. God is real. He does hear you and He is concerned about you. Try having faith for something small. It works.

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