Long Nights & Banquets

Day 6

Season of the Long Nights and Banquets

All day feeling like an empty shell after a long grueling night. When kids cough all night, parents don’t sleep. You would think that after 21 years of parenting, that sick nights can’t throw us any more. Not true.

Last night Jiornee was up most of the night hacking. So we alternated between checking on her and going to the bathroom ourselves. As I woke up in the morning after about 3 hours of actual sleeping, I felt like I was in a cloud. That continued for most of the day.

Waking up in a fog, causes you to sleep in, rush through any normal routine and feel pretty much wiped for most of the day. Just going through the motions. Nothing wrong –just the season where we live. Then right after work, on to Isiah’s track banquet.

All good things. Why do we feel so empty? Is it just weariness?

Praying for peaceful sleep, and any sense of creativity and life. Work the muscles…work the muscles. Praising on the steps.

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