Day 13

A friend is struggling with something addictive. Something that she knows isn’t good for her but takes part in it anyway. Something that could drive her life into total chaos–and in fact, has–but still can’t seem to totally let it go.

It seems so obvious and clear that it is not good for her. That it could be totally devastating to her life… In almost every way. Jail. Loss of income, children, reputation, emotional stability and integrity with the justice system, etc etc. But she can’t see it–or if she does–she hasn’t convinced herself to believe it.

Somehow, despite the obvious, she continues to dabble with this substance. This person. This spirit. Despite humiliation, shame, regret, her own wherewithal, she refuses to totally put it to rest in her mind or heart. The denial despite the knowing.

Made me think how often we can see so clearly the plight of others and even judge people and their vices. Yet, how many of us struggle with something that has control over us in some area. It may not be something others can see–but make no mistake, none are without a root.

Even when it’s not evident or tangible, we need to be mindful that all that means is that it could be dormant. Not that we should live in fear, but that we should live in understanding that no one person is without the ability to be addicted —or held captive to an emotion or mindset.

Most are addicted but without any accountability. Most will never be honest enough to admit it….mostly because it is much easier to focus on those of us with external and public addictions.

Why focus on rooting out our vices or addictive spirits when it is so easy to focus on others. No need to spend time figuring ourselves out, we can vicariously solve everyone else’s problems. Or at least just talk about them.

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