Perspective – Day 13

What I have to keep in mind is that people will give you advice based on their own personal experiences, their mindsets, and the way they view the world and other people. It’s so easy to get caught up in another person’s opinion about a thing. I have to be very very careful with that as I get adjusted to this new city, this new program, and these new people.

Already, I have somewhat of a negative perspective of what this next year is going to be like, just from having one conversation with one person today. Again, it makes me second-guess my decision to come here. Why would I want to put myself through similar stresses and frustrations as this person endured?

But I have to remind myself, that’s HER story. Those were HER experiences and situations. They don’t have to be mine. As I do seek wisdom and listen closely to what others have to say, I have to take their advice with a grain of salt. I can take in the things I need to know and that I feel will benefit me, but other things I need to disregard. As I am on a similar path, my steps are ordered differently. That’s where my trust and faith should lie.

Remembering that I am assigned to be here, in this season, in this time. And my experience will be exactly what it’s supposed to be to accomplish what I am supposed to accomplish.

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