Be All Here – Day 14

Tomorrow begins my 6-day orientation for the MTR (Memphis Teacher Residency) program. Tonight was the welcome dinner for the class of 2019, my class. The director, David (who I swear is a pastor on his off days because of the way he speaks) gave us a few pointers or tips on how to be successful during this residency year. One of the things he said that really stood out to me was to “be all here.” I love to-do lists and check lists. I love getting things done and checking them off my list one by one. I feel so accomplished when I can cross things off or check things off. I find myself rushing to get to the next thing, to get it done, just so I can check it off my list. He said we will never get another year like this. We will never been in a year where our master’s degree are paid for, our housing is paid for, we have mentor teachers, coaches, and an entire community surrounding us and helping us to get to the next level (masters of urban education and licensed teachers). His advice was to be all here, stay in the moments. My goal over this next year, this next month, this next week, tomorrow… is to stay in the moment and be present, be all there. Don’t rush the days, the weeks, the months, the year. Take each day, each class, each lesson, each assignment and soak it all in. Enjoy the moments. Be present. Be here.

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