When Nothing Is Familiar – Day 21

When most people make a life change, it’s subtle. What I mean by subtle is, everything in their life doesn’t all change at one time.

When people change jobs, they do so right in their hometown. When they start their new job, although the job is new, their surroundings are still the same. They still come home to their same house, family. They still have their familiar places, people and things to do right where they are. The only thing different is the job. And most of the time, the new job is similar to the old job. The work is just about the same, even if the company is different.

When people change careers, it’s usually in their hometown as well. So again, most of their surroundings are the same. Even though they might be learning an entire new skill, they have the familiarity around them to cling to, to help them with their transition.

And lets say someone moves to a different city or state or country, usually it’s for a new job, one that they’re familiar with how to do. Or maybe they moved to be closer to family or friends. Their home looks different now, but they’re familiar with the type of work they’re doing, or they have the friendly faces of family and/or friends to support them.

But what happens when you change everything at once? What happens when your job is different? You completely change your entire career, and you do it all in a city you’ve never lived in before and where you don’t have family and friends?

That’s what I’m faced with on this new journey. Everything is different. Nothing is familiar. I moved to a new city, to start a brand new career that I have no experience in, all while surrounded by people that I don’t know.

And I wonder why I have moments of doubt and fear and sheer panic…


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