Widen Your Lens

Day 35

After fussing and having a pity party for myself, it hit me.

After feeling bad about something in my life not being the way that I thought it should be, it made sense.

After all, I have done everything that I should’ve done. I deserve for it to be that way. I’ve been disciplined, obedient, and have kept the faith. Hadn’t I? Wasn’t I deserving?

Is it possible that what I had focused on — what I thought I deserved– was just a slice of the pie? Just a very minor glimpse in the picture of my life. A thread in the tapestry of my journey.

In my pursuit of that one piece I had narrowed my scope and faith for that piece alone. I had bypassed and to be honest neglected, the rest of the pie. Just as with a camera, if you focus the lens, you will only see the part you have set your focus and direction on.

I had not only narrowed my lens and scope. I had begun investing my energy, almost solely, from a mental and emotional stance, into that one slice of the pie.

I was reminded that I could spend the rest of my life focused on that one slice that may or may not ever come to pass — and meanwhile totally miss the entire rest of the pie of my life. Miss out on the fullness of the picture.

“Widen your lens, Katie.”

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