20 Something, 30’s, Atlantic City Vibes

Day 36-40 //WRAPPED

I’ve listed things from both of these decades. Not in any chronological order…just as they came to me.

20 or Something

Tenacity prophesy

Dr Elaine Waller, women’s conference, received a direct prophesy from Dr. Waller. She looked directly at me, in the crowd of about 50 women, at the altar, and said to me “tenacity.” From this moment on, I began the journey of 1) defining that word, 2) that word defining me and 3) learning the truth about a life driven by it.

Faith development

Ministry full time

Baptism 2.0

Graduated with BS in Management

Call to Law school

Started Law school

Grandma R. passed

Met Mo

Had Jojo

Colombia trip


Run for My Life


My thirties were marked with running. Running to train. Running to pass a PT test. Running for my career. Running for military requirement. Running from dysfunction. Running out and from all things old. Running toward all things new.

For some running is fun. Easy. Exercise. It is a stress reliever. Bla, bla, bla…. not for me.

Running is a necessity. Not fun. A representative. I mostly resented it. Until I realized what it represented. Represents change, movement, elevation, continual change, flow, healing. It is a constant pressing. It is a reminder of the effort needed to progress and ward off stagnation- in life.

“But while I was running, I was feeling my strength. And I felt like I was coming up out of a hole. So I just kept on running. “ ~103 year old woman / runner

Completed Law school

Completed ministry school

Passed the Bar

Became licensed attorney

Germany trip

Israel trip

Joined US Air Force / JAG Corps

Lived in Hawaii

Mo passed

Grandma W passed

Met Jay

Got married

GTMO- Lived in Cuba

Single season

Had Jiornee

Became Assistant Attorney General in AZ

Started Film School -Johns Hopkins


Atlantic City surprise birthday trip orchestrated by my husband/best friend.

Surprised with my sister from LA flown in. Dinner, karaoke. Trip to Atlantic City. “Scandal” gifts. Two night in AC, on the beach, with an ocean view. Surprise balloons, Champaign, and cupcake in the room. Stayed in the hotel from 1920’s that Marilyn Monroe loved. Spa/facial appt. Dolphin watching boat trip. Nightly dancing!

The biggest gift is how well my husband knows me and knows what makes my heart happy. I was able to just rest and take it all in.


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