It’s hard to imagine a life without change…

Change of heart,

Change of place,

Change of mind…

Every part of me has evolved due to change,

Every part of me intrinsically desires moments strange,

Searching for the newness within me that has aged to perfection,

Aged especially for the need of this perfect moment.

I search through my heart as if sifting through a cluttered ash tray,

A fifth of anxiety,

A tenth of worry,

A quarter of things that I can not change…Change…Change…

The inevitability of change,

The momentum of plotting my mind’s course toward a different destination.

The power I feel when tearing at the seams of stagnation,

I can feel my insides flow like a river,

Giving life to my spirit’s delta,

The warmest bosom is my shelter.

Refreshed, rejuvenated, alive,

My soul cries, 


necessitates change.

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