Homework – Day 17

My entry tonight is a homework assignment… no shame at all!

Our assignment is to memorize the vision and mission statement of MTR. We’re supposed to have them both memorized by tomorrow morning (Monday). So here goes nothing….from memory!


Restore communities living with dignity and in peace

The vision of MTR is to use our specific work within education, in partnership with other holistic organizations, to help restore communities so that all individuals can become empowered contributors to our city and people of all races and classes can engage with one another in peace.


Christian love expressed in equal education

As a response to the gospel mandate to love our neighbors as ourselves, MTR will partner to provide students in Memphis neighborhoods with the same, or better, quality of education as is available to any student in Memphis by recruiting, training and supporting effective teachers within a Christian context.


OKAY… now let me check and see if I got them right….hold on!

OH PRAISE GOD!!!! I got them both right… didn’t miss one word in the vision or mission statement. I’ll go over them both a few more times tonight, and again in the morning before orientation, but I thank God that I was able to memorize them both. Again, a pocket of sunshine that God provided. I was nervous before sitting down to do this tonight, but it’s now complete! Remember, one thing at a time. It may seem small, but it’s a victory for me!

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