A Little More At Ease – Day 16

I feel a little more at ease… just about got my room the way I want it. Closet is organized and my bathroom is now clutter free. Just a few more things need to happen in the room (remaining pictures hung, books put away, and random papers and miscellaneous items need to find a home).

The more at ease I feel in my room, in my home, I think the better I’ll feel about this new journey. Your home is usually a reflection of what’s going on in your life. If things are all over the place and chaotic in the home, that tends to show up on the outside as well. That’s definitely not the look I’m going for as I start this journey. But I won’t rush the process. I’m in good shape now and I can work on the rest, little by little, as the days progress. This is me applying grace to myself! I don’t have to do it ALL in one sitting. And everything will be ok.

Tomorrow (or now today), I’ll work on getting organized for the week. Look at the orientation schedule, plan out my required “snappy casual” outfits, and do some homework. Again, one day at a time. Trying to take the pressure off, and just be more and more at ease.



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