And….Cue The Tears – Day 19

It was bound to happen

that’s what they all said

Bound to question

the thoughts in my head

Why in the world

am I here?

Yet again,

facing another fear?

I was comfortable

where I was, content, cool

Now I’m sitting here

looking like a fool

At least that’s how

I feel

Knowing those feelings

aren’t for real, real

But it’s just a matter

of thinking what’s this

all about?

What else am I supposed

to try and work out?

Another chance to grow,

to learn about me

There must be a purpose,

one I can’t yet see

I had to take a moment

to pull back and pause

Because I know there

is a reason, there is a cause

So I go back to one day,

one day at a time

And remind myself

in the end, it’ll all be

just fine


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