Reach Back – Day 29

MTR calls them “Reach-Back Partners.” I call her a gift from God. Another pocket of sunshine that I asked for, prayed for.

I met Jasmine at Central BBQ today. Never been to Central BBQ but heard it was one of THE places to eat here in Memphis. The food was cool. The atmosphere was cool. I would definitely eat there again. The building of a friendship, priceless.

We ate. Talked. Laughed. I had a great time.

Margarita’s came up in conversation. So our next stop was a Mexican restaurant not too far away. Her husband joined us. He was awesome too. We enjoyed our drinks and conversation.

Next. We went to Rail Garten. Not really sure exactly how to classify this place. There was live music, a Christian rock band actually, wine, and outside. More conversation. We talked about teaching, about Memphis, about life. It was great.

I’m so thankful for that connection, and my open invitation to connect again. That was just the outlet I needed tonight. Now, I feel refreshed and ready to continue my studies tomorrow, after a good night’s sleep of course. But mentally and emotionally, I got the break I needed, and I thank God for that.

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